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Shades of Tuscany - cappuccino cup set
Set of six colourful cappuccino cups and saucers

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Hand painted in Tuscany, these colourful coffee cups and saucers reflect all the shades of this beautiful region of Italy. Just think of the rich hues of the rolling countryside, the colours of the natural rocks, the blue of the sky and the brightly painted houses in ancient villages. If you want a little piece of Tuscany in your home then these are the perfect coffee cups for you.

There are six cappuccino cups and saucers each in a different colour - Celeste/Midnight, Stone/Carmine, Carmine/Stone, Midnight/Ochre, Ochre /Burnt Orange and Burnt Orange/Celeste. You can keep the matching cups and saucers together or mix them up as you please. The saucers are flat, allowing you to have the cup in the centre or over to one side, which leaves room for cookies, cake or a packet of sugar and a spoon. You could also use the cup on its own and use the saucer as a plate.

These larger, wide-lipped ceramic cappuccino cups and saucers are also ideal for the popular, black, americano style coffee.

These Italian cappuccino cups and saucers are hand crafted they will not all be exactly the same and may not be identical to the ones shown in the attached photographs.

Please note that although this type of pottery is suitable for dishwashers, it is much better washed by hand.

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