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The Siciliana panel consists of four tiles.

The measurements of each tile are:
Height: 20cm (7.87 inches)
Width: 20cm (7.87 inches)
Thickness: 1.40cm (0.55 inches)

Overall size:
Height: 40cm (15.75 inches)
Width: 40cm (15.75 inches)
Weight: 1.40kg (3.09 pounds)
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Traditional, rustic, Sicilian ceramic tiles


These stunning tiles are hand made and hand painted on the island of Sicily, following all the traditional methods that have been in place for centuries.

These particular tiles are very rustic which means they are thicker, heavier and have a more uneven surface than average tiles. The density of the tiles and the traditional hand painting in colours synonymous with the warmth and history of Sicily, gives them an aged look which is most attractive.

The Siciliana tiles are sold in multiples of four as this forms the pattern and they can then be inserted into a tiling project on any floor or wall to form a decorative relief.

There is a weight limit for shipping so should you want more than one set of four please contact us for more information.

These tiles are suitable for inside or outside and there are numerous ways in which they can be incorporated into the interior design of your house. They can be used on the wall or floor, both inside and outside.

Although it is not necessary to grout these tiles in some circumstances, it is advisable to do so if they are used in conjunction with other tiles or are being used in a bathroom or kitchen.

This item is made to order and takes a minimum of three weeks.

As this decorative ceramic tile panel is made by hand from beginning to end, each one will vary slightly, but, each will be totally unique.