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Length: 17cm (6.69 inches)
Width: 17cm (6.69 inches)
Height: 4cm (1.57 inches)
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Square desk tray (olive)
Leather tray for small objects


These attractive leather trays have always been popular in Italy and were originally designed for office desks. They are known as 'svuotatasche' which literally translates as 'empty pockets', as in empty 'out' your pockets.

These svuotatasche are now commonly used as much in the house as in the workplace and are endlessly useful whilst always looking elegant. What better place to empty your pockets and bags of coins and to put your car keys in when arriving home. They are also ideal for using as a regular place to keep your watch, mobile phone and jewellery overnight.

Our 'empty pockets' are made from high quality Italian leather of different colours, and most have a contrasting colour inside. They make a perfect, and always much appreciated gift, and would be useful to almost everyone you know.

Never lose your car keys or mobile phone again, they will always be at hand if neatly kept in one of these attractive leather trays.

Made in Italy

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