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Height: 34cm (13.40 inches)
Width: 29cm (11.40 inches)
Depth: 18cm (7.10 inches)
Weight: 380g (0.80 pounds)
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La Miss Dreamy Handbag (honeydew)
Light and Spacious Lycra Handbag


La Miss Dreamy is the evolution of the iconic Miss bag embellished with new details, a practical internal pocket and a zip closure. Miss Plus is designed to optimise the space and organization of your accessories and it embodies the essence of timeless beauty in a range of dreamy colors that will leave you breathless.

La Miss Dreamy Handbag - details

  • Handmade in Italy

  • Made by Save My Bag

  • Totally cruelty free

  • 100% Lycra

  • A new collection in colours that dreams are made of

  • Fairly large, spacious handbag

  • Decorative flap and bow on the front

  • Chic and trend-setting

  • Double, rolled carry handles

  • Closes with a zip

  • Light to carry

  • Washable

  • Durable

La Miss Dreamy Handbag is as light as a feather, making it a breeze to carry, whether you're heading to a brunch date or a night out with friends. And don't worry about those accidental spills; this bag is completely washable, so it's easy to keep it looking fresh and new.

These bags are hand made and are therefore not kept in stock. Our dedication to craftsmanship may cause a short wait, but it's worth it for a unique masterpiece made just for you. Thanks for your patience.

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