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Length: 42cm-46cm (16.54-18.11 inches)

All measurements are approximate
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Diva Light Necklace (black)
Contemporary Murano glass necklace


The Diva Light necklace is a stunning, totally unique necklace bringing a contemporary twist to traditional Murano glass jewellery.

This necklace is simpler than the original Diva Necklace and has the same beads, but smaller, and only on the front half of the chain. It consists of flat black beads, alternated with ivory beads which are oval in shape and decorated with an intricate pattern. The Diva Light necklace is finished off with tiny black beads running the full length. The result is a simpler, less heavy necklace than the original Diva necklace.

The Diva Light necklace is adjustable and closes by means of a modern, strong, secure clasp. All clasps, chains and other parts are made from hypoallergenic metal.

The Nen Venezia brand is designed and made in Venice, is authentic and totally unique. Every single piece is made by hand which means that the colour and shape of the beads may vary slightly.

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