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Length: 43cm (16.93 inches)
Diameter of beads: 8mm

All measurements are approximate
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Mosaica Necklace (multicoloured)
Murano mosaic beads in a variety of colours


Mosaica is a stunning, totally feminine necklace with cleverly designed mosaic Murano glass beads in strong, bright colours.

The Mosaica necklace has been entirely handmade on the island of Murano, using the lampwork technique. The addition of silver and gold foil gives the glass beads an extra luminence.

There are so many different colours in these Murano glass beads it is almost guaranteed that this pretty necklace will just about go with anything you want to wear.

These beads are all, individually, hand made on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy and therefore no two are ever alike, making your bracelet totally unique. Because of this your necklace will not be exactly the same as the ones in the photographs.