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Height from bottom to top: 9cm (3.54 inches)
Diameter of Murano glass top: 4cm (1.57 inches)
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Murano glass wine bottle stopper


These Murano glass bottle stoppers are such an elegant way to store your unfinished bottles of wine.

They also look great on the table, just open the wine, put the bottle stoppers in and you have a great centrepiece for your dining table. You could choose a different colour and pattern bottle stopper for red and white wines.

These stoppers are designed and crafted using the traditional Murano glass making skills that have been passed down for centuries.

Bottle Stopper in Murano glass Blown and chrome metal, nickel free (90 mm height, 40 mm in diameter) available in 10 different colours, made entirely handmade by our Murano master glass-makers with Murrina's Glass technique, in our Factory in Murano Venice - Italy.

All our Bottle Stopper are certified for food use.

Please note:
These Murano Glass bottle stoppers are entirely made by hand, therefore each one is individual and will not be exactly the same as the one in the picture. Also, due to the glass, the colour in the photographs changes according to background and light. We feel we have given a good, accurate representation of each one.