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Length: 40cm (15.75 inches)
Width: 30cm (11.81 inches)

All measurements are approximate.
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Oval Antipasti Dish
Olive Wood serving plate


This large, oval olive wood antipasti dish has five compartments and makes a beautiful centrepiece for your dining table.

The central compartment is round enabling you to add a small dish for dips, a glass for breadsticks, or a containder for cocktail sticks. The four outside compartments are large enough to be piled high with olives, cubes of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, rolls of ham, salami or raw vegetables. Its the perfect dish to fill with nuts, crisps, cheese biscuits and other savoury nibbles to serve with drinks.

Although this is classed as, and used as, an antipasti dish in Italy, it can be used for any course. For example, you could fill each compartment with different fruits and have a bowl of melted chocolate in the centre as a dessert. It also looks delightful filled with small cakes, pastries, biscuits or chocolates.

The possibilities are endless!