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Spaghetti Measure
Olive Wood spaghetti measure


With this handy little Italian measuring device you will no longer have to guess how much spaghetti to cook for each person. This slim, Olive Wood Spaghetti Measure can easily be kept in your knife drawer or hung on the wall with other measuring spoons.

Olive Wood is very hard wearing and has natural anti-bacterial properties so will only need handwashing and is not suitable for dishwashers.

Length: 26cm (10.24 inches)
Width: 6cm (2.36 inches)
Depth: 1cm (0.39 inches)

All measurements are approximate.

These olive wood products are hand made and consequently, each piece is completely unique and will vary slightly to the one represented in these photographs.

When your Olive Wood products arrive they will be covered in a coating of olive oil but will soon dry out naturally. It is advisable to coat them regularly with olive oil in order to stop them drying out completely.