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Length: 40cm (15.75 inches)
Width: 24.5cm (9.65 inches)
Height: 6cm (2.36 inches)

All measurements are approximate.
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Tray with handles
Olive wood serving tray


Who doesn't love having breakfast in bed, and it's always a real treat if it's laid up beautifully on a nice solid tray.

Our tray, with handles, is made from genuine ancient olive wood, a totally sustainable product, and is extremely robust and sturdy. The size of it is perfect for serving drinks, breakfast in bed, tea for two and a multitude of other uses. It is a good size, solid and the two strong handles make it easy to lift and carry.

Olive Wood as it is extremely hard and long lasting and will last a lifetime as long as it is looked after properly.

Another advantage with Olive Wood is that it has natural anti-bacterial properties so will only need handwashing and is not suitable for dishwashers.

These olive wood products are hand made and consequently, each piece is completely unique and will vary slightly to the one represented in these photographs.

When your Olive Wood products arrive they will be covered in a coating of oil and if they are still slightly oily they will soon dry out naturally.